“Made to measure”

Hammer - Servizio su misura

Do you need a customized corner cleat for your new thermal break window system?
Do you need a hinge with a customized angled offset?
Do you need a custom bracket for your curtain wall project?
With our dedicated “Made to measure” service, we can customize all these accessories and components according to designer and customer’s needs.

Our products available for customization are marked with a meter icon on our catalogs

Hammer - Servizio su misura
Our made to measure accessories

Our made to measure accessories

We can customize the offsets for your shutter hinges and brackets, adapting them perfectly to our client design.
With the “Made  to measure” service we can also customize shutter hinges and straps, interior door hinges or some of our curtain wall components.

Hammer - From project to product

From project to product

From the project to the final product we work together with only three simple steps.
In the first step our client send us a customized design according to his requirements. In the second step our Technical office gives the client a response and then, in the third step, the product is realized in a “tailored” way!